The Crew

45th Parallel Lighting, LLC and ActionGlow were created by two brothers with a passion for action sports and a love for entrepreneurship. The idea for ActionGlow was conceived while the Porter brothers were snowboarding at their local mountain and realized that everything looked too ordinary. After years of extensive research and countless prototypes, they finally launched their product. As new ideas kept developing, the two added several more sports into their product line. The Kits offer a chance for consumers to add a stylish lighting design to individualize their sporting equipment, while expressing their personal style and adding an element of safety.

Dakota Wyatt Porter

President/Co-Founder of 45th Parallel Lighting, LLC, Product Development & Assembly

Dakota Porter, age 20, is an avid surfer, longboarder, and snowboarder. Dakota has obtained an associates degree in business and plans on applying that knowledge to help ActionGlow reach ultimate heights. Dakota believes that the need for ActionGlow was prominent, coming from someone who is directly centered in the target market in which ActionGlow is trying to reach. Besides being the President and co-founder of ActionGlow, Dakota reached the rank of Eagle Scout at the impressive age of 14. This continues to show the perseverance in which Dakota embodies. 

Garret Weston Porter

Vice President/Co-Founder of 45th Parallel Lighting, LLC, Customer Service, Assembly, Event Coordinator & Social Media Content Creator

Garret Porter, age 17, is an avid surfer, longboarder, wakeboarder, and snowboarder. Garret is currently a senior in high school, and takes multiple college classes at the local college next door. Garret started tackling the multiple struggles of any new business owner at the young age of 13, while even teaching college students about patents and LLCs. Besides being the Vice President and co-founder of ActionGlow, Garret is one step away from obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout. He plans on reaching the goal of Eagle Scout in the near future. No matter how many things Garret has going on at once, he finds away to get all tasks accomplished. 

Thomas Jay (Tj) Darling

Head of Sales & Marketing, Assembly, and Events 

Tj Darling, age 22, is an avid surfer, snowboarder, and kiteboarder. Tj has obtained an associates degree in aviation applied sciences and is currently working towards a bachelors degree in aviation management. Tj, a trusted friend and future ActionGlow pilot, became part of the ActionGlow team while it was still in the prototype stages. Besides being the Head of Sales and Marketing for ActionGlow, Tj got his private pilots license at the age of 18, his commercial pilots license at the age of 20, and became a certified flight instructor at the age of 21. These continued accomplishments shows the relentless success in which Tj strives for.


Cristina C. Porter 

Secretary, Customer Service, Packaging /Shipping & Booking Agent

Dane Weston Porter 

Business Advisor, Receiving & Inventory, and Assembly