Our Story

In 2011, we conceived an idea that would soon flip the action sports industry on its head. The idea to put LED lights on our snowboards came to us one evening when we were about to drop in on a dark ski slope. We wondered what it would feel like to shred through fresh powder or launch a hanging 360 with LED snowboards and dreamed about being the inventors of a product that would allow just that for every action sport enthusiast. That evening we made the biggest decision of our lives; to double-down and make that dream a reality. The next two years were spent on designing and engineering this product – now known worldwide as ActionGlow.
Being only 13 and 16 years old at the time, we were faced with quite the learning curve. However, one thing we were excellent at was not being afraid to reach out for help when we needed it. With assistance and guidance from anyone in the area who was willing to give us the time of day, we created our first iteration of ActionGlow; an aftermarket, low profile, and lightweight lighting system for the action sport enthusiast looking to create their own path and separate themselves from the pack.
ActionGlow was launched in 2013 and we were amazed at how quickly our LED lighting systems were flying off the shelves. We sold out of our initial inventory within 48 hours. As requests for different applications poured in and new ideas kept manifesting, we continued to add to our product line offering every rider the opportunity to light up their sport.
It has been one hell of a crazy entrepreneurial journey after making that fateful decision back in 2011. Today we continue to follow our vision of building 45th Parallel Lighting into the empire we know it can be by constantly researching and developing new products. But at the end of the day, we are just some young thrill-seeking action sport junkies just like you that set out to create a super rad product; a product that our customers could have fun with. We envision a brighter future and as an ActionGlow rider you can help us #LEDTheWay

Dakota Porter | Co-Founder, CEO

Garret Porter | Co-Founder, COO

Dakota Porter

Co-Founder, CEO

Dakota has had a passion for action sports since before he can remember. Still to this day, you can always count on finding Dakota in the outdoors. Whether it is snowboarding, surfing or longboarding, he is always out chasing the next perfect run. After obtaining an Associate degree in Business, Dakota decided to continue his education outside of school by learning from mentors and colleagues to master his craft. Wearing many hats as a young business owner, Dakota created and designed the company’s first logos, videos, and websites to get started. By looking around the ActionGlow website, packaging, and most recent videos, you can still see Dakota’s creative mind at work.

Garret Porter

Co-Founder, COO

Garret shared a passion for action sports alongside his older brother starting at a very young age. As brothers, everything was always turned into a competition between the two which constantly pushed them to learn from one another. Garret loves to snowboard, surf, hunt, and fish which is exactly what he does when he has some time. With a goal to obtain an Associate degree in Business just one year after graduating high school, he did just that to allow for more time to focus on ActionGlow. Garret is always learning more about business, whether it’s from successful business owners, mentors, or through books. Sharing the weight of the load as a young business owner, Garret focuses on financials, sales, and strategy to help build a solid company from the front to back.