ActionGlow™ is an aftermarket LED Lighting System for sporting equipment (sporting equipment is not included). We currently offer nine different sport applications and have spent over ten years perfecting the design. With every ActionGlow Lighting System, you will receive:

- Custom, durable, and waterproof RGB LED light strips which are connected to the power pack(s)
- Compact, lightweight, and waterproof power pack(s)
- 3M VHB adhesive on both the LEDs and power pack(s)

Each power pack requires a 9V battery, and the length of the LEDs depend on the lighting system you order.

Our lighting systems use 3M VHB industrial strength adhesive to adhere to your sporting equipment. No screws, no drilling, no damage at all.

Our lighting systems are powered with a standard 9V battery, and they will last approximately 10 continuous hours before you might want to consider swapping the batteries out.

We do not recommend reapplying the same lighting system to a different piece of sporting equipment once it has already been applied to a previous one. Our adhesive is very strong and will lose most of its strength after removing.

We use industrial grade adhesives on all our lighting systems, meaning it will not fall off while riding, but it can be removed without damaging your sporting equipment.

Please refer to our Removal Instructions for more information.

Your dedication is admirable! Of course you can. That means you like the idea as much as we do! This is how we got started. We will say, however, that it has taken us a longgg time to nail down the design of our lighting systems. If you hit some bumps in the road during your DIY project, we hope you consider ActionGlow to get you back out riding after the sun has set!

We designed ActionGlow lighting systems to be as lightweight as possible. Depending on which system you are interested in, they vary in weight from 9.0 ounces to 20.0 ounces, not including the 9V battery.

This is possible; however, it makes the installation process a little more complicated as the LED strips are not made to bend in that direction. For the most secure installation, we recommend placing the LEDs in a straight line on the edges of your board!

If installed at the tip and tail, it will void the one-year warranty offered with our lighting systems.

Yes! All of our ActionGlow2 Lighting Systems are considered "color-selecting." Once you receive your system, you can choose from seven different colors and pick what one you're feeling for the day. As avid action sport enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to steer away from flashing color patterns and sequences as we found them too distracting while out ripping.

Yes, our custom LEDs can be cut every second diode at the cutline between the copper pads.

We got you covered! ActionGlow Lighting Systems can be changed to seven different colors: blue, green, cool white, magenta, red, amber, and cyan.

Of course not - but we won’t be mad if you do! ActionGlow was designed to last longer than a married man wearing double protection, but if you’re ready to light up your next sport or somebody else’s, we’ve got you “covered”! 

We currently offer 9 different action sport applications, so be sure to look through our Shop page to see if you find what you’re looking for! If not, no worries – we can help! Reach out to us at support@actionglow.com and provide us with a little detail on your project!

Unfortunately, we can’t make a specific lighting system for every sport, but we designed ActionGlow to be as universal as possible. With the different variations we currently offer, we are sure one will work nicely for your sport as well!

We offer a one-year limited warranty on all of our lighting systems, but we are here to help! If you have a question or are experiencing an issue, please reach out to us at support@actionglow.com and we will help the best we can!


Great news! Yes, we do ship internationally! If you are an international customer, please be
aware of any applicable import duties, taxes, and fees that may be associated with importing
US consumer goods into your country.

It is our goal to light up your next night-riding adventure as soon as possible! Our fulfillment team typically sends out packages within one to three days (excluding weekends and holidays). After your order has been shipped, delivery time is based on your selected shipping method!


Hey, things happen – we understand! ActionGlow will accept any unused / unopened product within 30 days of purchase. We don’t charge any unnecessary restocking fees, but we do ask that you cover the shipping cost back to our warehouse.

To begin the returns process, please email us at support@actionglow.com with your order number.

“It’s my money, and I need it NOW!” Your return will be processed within one to three days once the package has been delivered back to us (excluding weekends and holidays). It is common for this process to take a little bit longer depending on your financial institution.

For international returns, we cannot cover the cost of return shipping, and this is at the customer’s expense. If you need to return an item, please email support@actionglow.com so we can provide you with more details to return your product.

Wholesale / Bulk Purchasing

We are stoked anytime retailers want to promote action sport participation after the sun has set. If you’re a buyer who is interested in ActionGlow, let us know: support@actionglow.com

You can never have too many! Yes, please reach out to us at support@actionglow.com with more detail if you are looking to purchase a large quantity.


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After placing an order, we try our best to process it right away – however we will do our best to edit or cancel the order if we are able to do so! Please email support@actionglow.com as soon as possible so we can get the process started.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Apple Pay. We're not quite on board with DOGE yet.. maybe one day.

Who doesn’t love free shipping?! We offer free shipping on all orders with a subtotal value over $150. You mize well order ActionGlow for a friend or family member!

We are here to help. Please email support@actionglow.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!