ActionGlow™ Manufactures Warranty

Congratulations on becoming part of the ActionGlow team. We are stoked to have you out night riding with us 🤘🏼

Don't do anything stupid and we'll cover it! ActionGlow will repair or replace any unit that shows any sign/s of manufacturer defects within one year of purchasing the unit. ActionGlow reserves the right of sole discretion to decide if the unit/s is defective or not.

The Manufacturing Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Breakage or damage from improper installation;
  • Breakage or damage due to normal wear and tear;
  • Modifications made to any ActionGlow Lighting System that may impair safety and/or impact the performance of the equipment for its intended use.
  • Breakage or damage from any outside force or improper riding (ie; collision/s, broken sporting equipment, falling off your Suburbans roof-rack while driving down the freeway, ect.);
  • Damage or scratching to the aesthetic display of the system/s and its designs caused whilst riding;
  • Breakage or damage from water intrusion due to incomplete closure of the battery housing and/or improper care of the rubber gasket/s
  • Intentional breakage or damage;
  • Warping from exposure to heat;
  • Misuse of the product.


The Process

To begin a repair or the replacement process, we ask you to submit a warranty claim using the form below. Once we receive the defective unit/s, we will first try to have them repaired. If we’re unable to repair the unit/s, we will issue a replacement. Please allow 10-14 days for warranties to be processed upon receiving them. 

*Please note that "Out of Stock" products may not be available for replacement of the same model. We will do our best to replace your product with another model of equal value. If you have any questions about replacing your product, please reach out to prior to submitting your Warranty Claim.