ActionGlow Defective Warranty Policy
ActionGlow will replace any unit that shows any sign/s of defects within one year of purchasing the unit. ActionGlow reserves the right of sole discretion to decide if the unit/s is defective or not. To begin the replacement process, the owner of the defective unit is required to provide an order number if purchased directly from actionglow.com or, if purchased from a Authorized Reseller/Distributor, proof of purchase that states the purchase date, as well as a shipping address where a replacement unit can be received by the customer. Once proven that the unit was purchased within one year, the customer is required to ship back the defective unit to ActionGlow Headquarters, where the Warranty Team will inspect the defective unit. If the unit is found to be defective, a replacement unit will be sent to the given address.

If you live outside of the US, we will require photo or video proof of the defect/s of your unit. Once proven defective, we will send you a replacement unit. Since the unit is a replacement and there was no sales transaction, the customer will not be required to pay import duties or customs tax. If the carrier or customs department requests for payment of import duties or customs tax, please contact us immediately at support@actionglow.com.