Installation Instructions


  • Make sure sporting equipment is dry and at room temperature.

  • Install 9V battery into battery housing(s) before applying to sporting equipment to test the LED lights and ensure product was not damaged in shipping.

  • Decide the layout you want for your LED lights (LED lights need to be applied in a straight line. Trying to curve the LED lights will not allow proper adhesion). Keep in mind the placement of the battery housing in correlation to the length of the battery housing lead wire. For example, the battery housing should be tucked in close to the bindings for snowboard and ski applications.

  • Clean surface area where the LED lights and battery housing(s) will be applied first using a damp washcloth. After your sporting equipment has dried, use the included alcohol swab to clean areas once more.

  • Apply the included adhesive promoter packet to areas where the LED lights and battery housing(s) will be installed.

  • Let the adhesive promoter set for three minutes and then remove the protective film from the adhesive tape on the back of the battery housing. Apply to your sporting equipment in the desired location by pressing firmly.

  • Apply LED lights by slowly peeling off the protective film on the back as you firmly press the LED lights onto your sporting equipment. Once the LED lights are in place, go back over them firmly with your thumb to ensure proper adhesion throughout the entire length of the LED light strip(s).

  • If included, use the LED fastener clips to secure the start of the LED strip(s) near the power cable. Remove the protective film from the adhesive tape and install flush to the LED strip(s). This area is susceptible to the elements, so it is important to securely fasten this area to the sporting equipment.

  • If the LED lights need to be shortened to correctly fit your particular sporting equipment, the LED light strip(s) can be cut after every second LED diode between the copper pads. If trimming is necessary, it is recommended that you seal the exposed end with a 100% silicone sealant.


  • Keep sporting equipment at room temperature for 24-48 hours on a flat surface to allow adhesive to bond.

  • Water intrusion may occur if the battery housing's waterproof seal does not stay clean and free of dirt / debris. Failure to do so will void the warranty.


With a 9V battery installed in your ActionGlow Lighting System (Standard alkaline or ActionGlow rechargeable.

  • One press of the large button on the battery housing will turn the system on. The first color to appear on the LED strip will indicate battery life: >70% = Green, 30%-70% = Amber, <30% = Red. After the battery life has been displayed, the LED strip will automatically switch to the custom "AG Mint" color.

  • By clicking the large button, you are able to filter through seven color options. (AG Mint, White, Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Amber).

  • By pressing the smaller button, you are able to filter through three different brightness levels: Low, Medium, and Max brightness (Default: Medium).

  • To turn the system off, press and hold the large button until the system powers off.