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The ActionGlow2 Ski System was designed to work with ANY pair of skis. You asked, and we listened.. Now introducing color changing mode. Easily switch through 7 colors with our one-button operation. We have also included the ability to cycle through 3 different brightness levels. 

Installing ActionGlow2 couldn't be easier. Everything needed for installation is included and the whole process will take you less than 10 minutes!

The ActionGlow2 LED Ski Lighting System will express your personal style while adding an element of safety. #LEDTheWay with ActionGlow.

Product Specs

(2) 3/4 Meter (Approx. 2.5 ft) Custom LED Strips
(2) Waterproof Power Supplies
(1) Cleaning Solution Packet
(1) Adhesive Promoter

Note: (2) 9V Batteries – Not Included


We sell out every year and cannot guarantee the length of this sale. Sale is active while supplies last.

Free Shipping Over $150 | 1 Year Warranty

7 Color Modes

5 min install + no tools

ip68 - 100%waterproof

super bright light tech

ultra lightweight

Rugged Construction



For our winter enthusiasts, whether you are gliding down a cross-country trail or tackling moguls on a black diamond, our LED Ski Lighting System was designed to handle it all while adding an element of safety. #LEDTHEWAY

What Our Riders Have To Say:


This product is indestructible. I’ve used it backcountry skiing in Sawtooth Range for 2 seasons and it’s held up with no issues. When I finally pull the trigger on new skis, I’ll be ordering more lights ASAP.

Mark Urvin
Stanley, Idaho

I can’t believe how well they still work after all my kids have put them through. Definitely recommend these.

Alicia Roque
Brighton, MI

Added action glow to my skis before I went to Beaver Creek. People were screaming off the chairlifts asking where I got my lights! I'm going to get another set for my husband since he was jealous of mine!

Amy Carlson
Belmont, OH

Can't believe how fast it was to apply the lights. They also have instructional videos in case you don't know where to put them. The lights are really bright and just need a 9V battery which everyone already has laying around the house. The whole process was a positive experience.

Landon Howard
Brandon, MB
AG Rechargeables (2 pk)
AG Rechargeables (2 pk)
AG Rechargeables (2 pk)
AG Rechargeables (2 pk)

AG Rechargeables (2 pk)

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ActionGlow Rechargeable Batteries pack a PUNCH. You can expect to see a maximum brightness runtime up to 6 hours, and even longer on low or medium brightness levels.

With our new USB-C rechargeable technology, riders can easily recharge these batteries anywhere!
This is a perfect solution for those who like to be prepared! Bring a couple extra with you on your next night riding adventure to LEDTheWay even longer.